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SugarCaneSPC specializes in research and consulting on Asian (ex-Japan) financial markets, economies and listed companies.   The research is tailored to the client's needs, focusing on areas of special interest and targeting the goals of the client.  The Chief Executive Officer of SPC, Dr. Kara Tan Bhala, has over 20 years of investing experience in Asia.  For some time, Kara managed the second largest mutual fund investing in Asian (ex-Japan) stocks, in the world (see biography).  Her experience, knowledge, and contacts give her an exceptional edge and enlighten every consulting project that is undertaken.

The following are some of the services that SPC provides:

 I. Financial Market Research

SPC provides tailored research on any of the Asian (ex-Japan) financial markets: Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  We create strategies to invest in these markets, and offer research on market characteristics, market data, sector data, historical data, details of bourses, and the brokerage research available.

 II. Economic Research
SPC offers the latest economic news and insightful economic analysis.  We are particularly strong in analyzing economic data and developments, with emphasis on their effects on the stock markets and on each listed company.

III. Listed Company Research
Clients interested in the details of any listed company in the region will find our Company Research helpful.  We analyze company information, such as balance sheets, cash flows and profit and loss statements.  We do in-depth studies on the industries in which the companies operate, their business plans, management strengths, weaknesses and strategies.  If necessary, we will speak directly to top managers in specific companies to further assess their capabilities.

IV. Speech Writing and Public Speaking
SPC will write speeches on relevant topics if clients are required to make presentations at conferences and meetings.  We can make presentations on the client's behalf.  We will also present informed, absorbing speeches at conferences that concern Asian investing, business or economics.

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